Ever feel like you have the most incredible gift and no idea how to wrap it? Or perhaps you’ve bought a mediocre gift but want to disguise it with neon geometric paper and a custom bow created from something no one ever thought to use? Well, you’ve come to the right place: I’m Ashley Port and  I’m a professional gift wrapper on a mission to take the stress out of gift wrapping.  I create custom wrap combinations that are unique and crafted specifically for the gift receiver.  I’ve never met a package I couldn’t conquer!


Ever since I can remember, I have loved printed papers, ribbons, glitter and stationery. Being an event planner, wrapping gifts has always been a function of my job. As my drawers of papers, bows and tapes grew to an insurmountable collection (I admit, I am a wrapping paper hoarder!) I knew I had to take these incredible paper goods and put them to good use.

I began with holiday presents and quickly realized that there are so many personal celebrations throughout the year during which people exchange gifts: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and engagements, to name just a few.
I decided at that point that I needed to share my talents with those who couldn’t and wouldn’t take the time to wrap their gifts. I’m here to help!!

When it comes to wrapping, my motto is and has always been “RIP IT OPEN,” no matter how elaborate the wrap. (Fun fact:  Sometimes my creations backfire as the gifts are so beautifully presented that they never get opened!
I have a client that to this day, still hasn’t unwrapped a package I gave her at an ornament exchange party years ago).

We all know that giving a gift doesn’t just start with handing it to the recipient. It is so special to give and receive gifts! It takes time, effort and pride in making the right choice for a friend or loved one. So why not elevate the process with something designed specifically for that person – which in turn makes you the